Wednesday, September 28, 2005

One man's Anglosphere ain't = another's Author expresses faith the singularity will propel the anglosphere ahead in such a way it will prolong it's first place among the world's most civil nations ----

"A key argument in favour of the survival of the Anglosphere, to my mind, is the broad range of values generated in a civic context. It allows the development of an "average" set of values that's most suitable for the technological/political situation of the times. What diversity is possible is dictated by the realities of economy, medicine, science, religion, etc. It's no surprise then to find that Elizabethan culture had narrower constraints (though probably no qualitative difference in highs and lows) than our own. In an era of DNA, neuroscience and the posited Technological Singularity, it's entirely predictable that the individual social expressions of the current culture will splinter and appear deeply chaotic or dissolute. And some will appear insane and/or inhuman. The lynchpin however is the capacity to form civic associations between individuals that are not mediated by your state or your parents. And that capacity appears very healthy. Chaotic and mystifying perhaps to older adults but vibrant nonetheless.
you all are familiar by now with my tiresome refrain (unless actually carried out by way of attempted, and assumpted virtue; drop the feint go for the thrust):split splinter n pulverize spaceless poderoso aplenny then let life do the splicin' or we'll be stranded sanded flooded and mudded. "

a man responsibe for "The world of alternative worship and emerging church is a complex and fluid network, and any attempt to define sites by category is approximate. Sites may appear in more than one list because they contain a variety of material or functions. Blogs, in particular, combine personal opinion, authoritative writing, debate, resource-sharing, and networking, so it's no surprise that they are at the heart of the emerging church community."

runs this also: 'smashing time at grace' (pulverizing plates in church to draw crowd and pay the rent -

I go: I have written lots on stashes of ashes hidden in rock
and to be mourned much for not/if not/when not being fetched
from the gates of hell and taken to ease compostage task, to see and
synthesize the light organized as a living church no longer
confined to a stone building but contiguous, touching and
seamlessly landscapewide and furthering glory very far. So,
bash that uptight ash and rejoice in this work of the Lord
which he merely mimed being restricted by the highly sterile
and symbolicized times he suffered through.
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In that second alinea of the linked post (to a blog where, as per usual, that offensive way with space is only a click away) the author is trying to say what I did in the first (using waaaay fewer words; a dutch sport ((every stead used to have it's holy of holies never used)) ultra-conservative in the peaceful sense, keeping them from getting ((away)) 'quick' and dirty, like self defense ammunition; the joys one cannot do justice with mere words) but it takes a sharp eye to notice.

by the way, it will be non-anglos who consistentize the english language for one; witness the 452 uses for 'assumpted'

Fanciful multi-layered presumptions about protestant values (attempting to borrow from the real empowdering thing to add force to the fable) of diversity (not really derived hither thereby nor driven thither therefrom) supposedly catalyzing some sort of vaguely splendogloriously coronating singularity aside, what is being professed here? No fessin' up to a lack of green slumless cities in the old United Kingdom right? No imperialist and supremist smog production spotlighted here. No mobility and concommitant costly 'remotage' dependency crash looming warned about right?

I climbed onto the shoulders of Julius Hensel in the 80s and am doing the best I can to attract attention to an in detail very different (Hensel thought the world was a mere 5000 years old) but in essence similar (though aeon spanning) exegesis of the unseemly and most unassumingly seamless 'matters of course', the longer than long lag and haul, the eminently intra-terrestrial, the heavy heave and high hope credit dispensary mechanism. Once again I will try splayn to you how this inexhaustible slow release consistency can be such a simple, in our face and ageless wonder that the fact we (wo)manage to ignore it is a sin even more miraculous.

Opening and 'dispursing' the types of rock that prove to contain key components for the establishment of true diversity (as far as the latter isn't synonymous for complete absence of degenerate anthropods, a situation that is very rare these days)

1 = halts well short of being pushover easy, a hurdle and threshold that is or is not about to give (not just a Bouter, unless he remains deeply depressed for lack of ((rapidly (((enough))) growing choice of choice)) partners) new meaning to the term fit(-in)ness

2 = is not enough to turn a sordid situation into heaven as if by magic and on command, it merely initiates processes which are fairly slow (yet nonetheless very sure) to show a return for our trouble (though I always like to repeat the slow but perceptible electrolysis of water to form fresh oxygen ((puddlebubbles in the sun)) example, a popperer than popperian experience; in any case, present day conceptions of 'overdonderende' ((jovian)) songyulayriddey remain stoopitly and stubbornly mum about those very to better day way giving ways and the rewards, as do rocks themselves).

3 = is never impossible, nor do they become or stay too exclusively impenetrable and cryptic for too long though over the course of a few generations those affected by niggardly nugatoriness might have and use reason to utter oncological complain. In short, there is no valid reason why soon as possible ain't good enough an even much better than some other time to go for smooth and single, selfless, yea even singularly selfless mud .. . we should be so lucky .. . to mug a cupfull of shapelessly golemic representation for unnamable unknowable substrates and conditions of divined abundances .. .

.. . .. on to the language game theory; can't wait to break out my old Joyce the adieu todew todelewdjew alc-addled muddlehead file.

found the following (anglospherelevant sites) following (member)links at the selfsufficentish(.com) forum --- caution, even here one can't get away from christ lovers, bibles and false beleaf: and - not sure I could enter a community with them ((unless they recognize me as a legit messenger (((see Jose, I am like you or are you like me? Is this town big enough for the both of us?))) which isn't bloody likely to happen)) no matter how nice the places Arche and such ((communes)) have settled into --- (itself one of 6 such ((see below)) listed here:

from judy's place I cascaded into: 3 large pics covering same ground treated to/with permaculture principles at 86, 89, 91 (not a cheering sight to the incurable sunworshippers) nice and beatifully busy (mental note to self: must explore this soon and it's high time every body who, like me, has felt the need to get local embeddiment on a substantially and sufficiently enough communitarian basis, did just that. Mobility will be in a great big crisis soon enough (except for the real fascists of course, having a (CANNON)ball (or two) ensconcing themselves close to 'their' beloved resources. sorta flopped smallholderforum that works pretty OK (several threads approaching and one topping 10.000 posts, very focussed on practical matters, not even the seed exchange threads are lively ((15 posts))) / a vegan / a real compost artist a plotholder's (ugly) blog (with a ((mostly)) good set of links) Sustainable Community (via Balsall Heath Jungle (a nursery in Birmingham) Lincolnshire Smallholding & Self-Sufficiency Club 8 welsh acres (with a house) for half a million euro is def. cheaper than any dutch ground (where you just can't get away from the meddlesome and wether you like them or not pricey 'services' enough to lower cost of life that far) / toward a handmade life for the new century 33304 posts, 158 members a restarting one with no obvious links to (hacked) history very many posts on alternative ways to generate electricity (100.000 posts in the homemade thread and it's only one of three; the others are well past that ((mile))post((number)))

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