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Kaminsky exit Myers' list

Kaminski's exit

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 21:41:35 +0800 From: "Max"

Peter, Cheers to John

I thought I was the only one and perhaps not smart enough - My selective mind
has not managed to discover the interest and value either and I feel also that
you over did it...

In older days you brought a variety and you where less anti-Semitic.... There is
no value in Antisemitism and it does not improve our situation.. I over read all
Middle Eastern opinionating...

I also don"t see your concept and purpose... What are you learning out of mails
like those for your book? Whats the title of your book and how do you fit those
mails into it...? Hope you recover soon again...

Reply (Peter M.):

Kaminski, on his departure, called me "a Jewish apologist".

You congratulate him, but, instead, call me "anti-Semitic".

For the record, I reject categorisations of whole groups of people on the basis
of birth. I recently unsubscribed from a list which disparaged blacks as a
group. Yet I don't mind "holocaust denial" in the sense that I think debates
about history should be unfettered.

I have argued that "being a Jew" is a matter of choice - of subjective
identification - and this is something that can change over time. There are
ex-Jews, but simply becoming an atheist, or even a Christian, does not make one
an ex-Jew. There is an atheistic form of Judaism, and Jews in the past have
adopted Christianity outwardly whilst not inwardly.

But I'm not pushing Christianity. What is it, anyway? Since the time the Church
baptised the Vikings as Normans, it's been an adjunct of militarism and

I don't care whether Shamir is a Jew or an ex-Jew, or a bit of both. He's open -
that's the best thing about him. He provides sufficient information about
himself for one to argue all positions about him. A "holocaust agnostic" who
calls Rabbi Abraham Zacuto "a Judaeo-Iberian sage"! How to make out such a man?
People obviously have trouble making me out too. I value Shamir, but we have our

Jews substantially control the intellectual life of the United States, shaping
the thoughts of the populace and the news which reaches them. In Europe, one can
be imprisoned for questioning "holocaust" orthodoxy. Jewish lobbies have been in
the vanguard of the push for wars in the Middle East.

You turn a blind eye to such facts; your email bulletin is innocent of them.
Perhaps if you mentioned them, your readership would fall away.

But I don't care about readership; I don't aim to maximise numbers. All I care
about is quality. I'd rather have only one reader, than bend to pressure.

Don't misunderstand me - I'm not disparaging your email bulletin. The issues
I've seen are quite good; I'm not suggesting you change it, but simply defending
my own.

I don't mind Kaminsky's leaving. Perhaps he'll come back one day. I'm not upset,
I don't feel like calling him names. On the contrary, his reaction showed that
our discussion had touched something very important.

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miscellaneous surfage (34 link post) weirdass but comic cult beatiful page on New Orleans musician activist In Defense of Ward Churchill: A Legacy of Scapegoat-Ism Youth Commentary, H. Mathew Barkhausen III, Pacific News Service, Mar 02, 2005 Spectacular Mammatus Clouds over Hastings, Nebraska -- These photos were taken by Jorn Olsen, .. .. . pouch clouds - awesome!!!!

This whole sight has just my taste in scenery, Nebraska is beautiful.

Northanger found the link here: more here .. .

my favorite set for the year 2005: An exclusive Folk Alley recording of the Dust Poets! (Kent State folk fest)
excerpt: Fat Old Jewish Guy Who Lives In The Projects said... I'm going to post an excellent item by Paul Eisen about this whole "Holocaust thing."
Sue Blackwell said... Eugene please do not give space on your excellent blog to Holocaust revisionists like Paul Eisen and his soulmate Israel Shamir. They do no favours to the Palestinians, and by suggesting that all Jews are Zionists of one sort or another Eisen is insulting all those Jews who genuinely oppose Zionism - which apparently includes yourself. I have a whole page about these people at: (piet: noted before; Sue threw a bunch of fellow wayfarers off her linklists since 'they condone and understand violence to citizens'. I wonder if she considers placing the Holocaust in perspective a form of denial?). Pictures of 23 year old ISM activist Rachel Corrie -- crushed by an Israeli bulldozer (939 comments) short short item on Shamir -- categorical links here: Uberblogs (lgf as one of four), Where Credit is Jew (a whole jewslew of them) -- Av goes nuts over Alison Weir, an advisory board member and keeps ranting which takes up the bulk of 56 comments in a mere 24 hours - - - Iby is making rather heavy weather of the well known Ha'avara Agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists - since he obviously couldn't bring himself to read Lenni Brenner, he might try reading Francis Nicosia or Edwin Black on the same subject.
Rowan Berkeley 12.10.05 - 8:56 pm #

then he goes on claiming hasbara manuels are written by Nazis and Rowan posts this in reply: (WSJ division):
The Cynthia McKinney Fan Club by JAMES TARANTO
A few weeks back, the Indepundit blog carried a very amusing send-up of's "We Believe Cynthia" campaign, which backs Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who charged President Bush with having had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks. "I have decided to focus my energies on supporting this noble effort," Indepundit wrote, and proceeded to catalogue McKinney's various outrageous statements since the war began.

Not to be outdone, an Israeli journalist named Israel Shamir has penned an "Ode to Cynthia."
Here's a sample:
This woman with a name from the love lyrics of Propertius, the delicate Greek poet, who called! himself "a pale knight in thrall of my angry Cynthia," is an all-American figure, brought forth by the spirit of America. The great country does not want to die. In such moments, the land calls for its sons and daughters to step forward to the line of fire. Cynthia heard the call. Support of Cynthia is the ultimate test of love to America, of belief in America's future in the family of nations, as an equal and friendly nation, not as an enforcer for creed of Greed.

It is paramount to rally around her, as the French nobles rallied to Jeanne d'Arc. Whether you are a descendant of African slaves or Muslim immigrants, a son of Confederacy or a Daughter of American Revolution, a freedom-loving Jew or a born-again Christian--it is the time to unite for Cynthia and for America.

This is so over the top that no one could possibly take it seriously. Oops, scratch that--the editors of the Arab News apparently did, running the piece with no evident irony. found with "broad and narrow" on images, a commercial and faded version with a story of how it was found in Holland and a different version by Peter N Millward wherein jesus is promoted in South american fashion from the humble place by the side of a brook in the first leg of the gloryjourney to no less than 2 central appearances, the lower one all bloody on the cross, a higher one showing him radiant in white garments to camouflage his cloudy position I guess. same deal here, even more faded; possible to suggest rarity and jack up the price .. .? - 'The Broad and Narrow Way' (nineteenth century, second half) chromolithograph by Charles Montague designed by Charlotte Reihlan, painted by Herr Schacher Woodstock artfair spontaneously mum on politics (HfPo-Beinhart-shortish) Animated worldmap of crop-cover since 1700 (QT-short via NatGeo) for once the man opens his mouth on target, taking a much needed break from the wonders of nevernotnetland to look at how the goodwill and credit IT has generated are being squandered; sad thing an accurate picture of 6 short lines is, if not unattainable, certainly far from expoundable by the likes of say, China and the European Community.

Sean Paul of the Agonist has written a short think piece on Iraq policy that I think is much too... kind. The only 'democracy' we'll accept for Iraq is one where we hold all the cards-- we'll call it democracy when they fight us with ballots not bullets, but no matter which they choose, we'll use whatever weapons we have to, to make sure that things come out our way-- not excluding election fraud and assassination.And we'll stay as long as there's oil that needs protecting-- don't think 2000 dead, think 200,000, over the next 50 years. Don't think $500B, think $500T, because the value of the oil will increase and increase, so we're not going to let anyone take it... no matter who we have to nuke. "Israel Makes the Nazi State Look Very Moderate" 12/14/2005 1:00:00 PM GMT David Duke, an ex-Louisiana State Representative and former leader of the Ku Klux Klan in the U.S. Hearing a lot about the political turmoil that plagues the Middle East region, which the State of Israel plays a central role in, we need to seize the chance and try to stress the great difference between Judaism and Zionism. Carnivale without the story line Murtha shreds W's latest lies (don't miss) (cPunch-aCock via vBoat)

Jihad vs. McSex - 49 comments -- Jorn Barger's intro: reminder that Islam most fears our porn (HfPo-Majd-looong)
12.10.2005 Hooman Majd
Reading Arianna’s post on the conflict she feels about young girls’ sexuality in the modern age (and how it relates to her teenage daughter) made me think about the issue of how our culture of sex relates to the clash between West and East, or more specifically between Western values and Muslim ones. At first it may seem irrelevant to the issue since it’s an American discussion, but if Americans, enlightened... "Actually, the original orgin of the Hustling the Left site was a major controversy involving Larry Flynt discovering progressive politics andattempting to give some support to an antiwar protest group called Not In My Name last year. A news reader/antiporn feminist at KPFK/Pacifica LA Radio named Aura Bogado took real umbrage to that, and launched amongst her Sister antiporn activists a bitter public campaign against Flynt and his mag, citing all the usual cries of racism, misogyny, and even pedophilia (one of Hustler's cartoonists was once charged and convicted of abusing his Daughter though the conviction was dropped on appeal)."

--- wow, after going to hustlingtheleft and seeing the cartoons reproduced on the front page (and seeing what MickeyZ looks like right at the top) I am not suprised such a charge would arise. An imagination THAT lively would raise interest in proving almost never unfounded suspicions that it takes one to know one; I know exactly what that feels like . .. .long live homeopathic dosage I'd say.

Dennis Claxton (well, ... younowho though later that week vividly denied in a post at cites : The California study, "The Impact of Legally Inappropriate Factors on Death Sentencing for California Homicides, 1990-'99," found that 80 percent of executions in California were for killers of whites, though non-Hispanic whites make up just 47 percent of all Californians, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. Those who kill whites are more than four times more likely to be sentenced to death than those who kill Latinos, and over three times more likely to be sentenced to death than those who kill African-Americans.

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some bitches get me in stitches (chuckle alert) first dark toned .net tribe I see (of course I stay away from this microshaft bastion)

metalwarfare...pornography_of_death1.jpg Well said bitch. Whats so wrong with a little objectification?

I go:
well damien, I'll tell you what 's wrong with a 'little' objectification. It's too LITTLE!!!!

Or too big depending on which way around the mirrorEversion you like to argue, focusing on and magnifying a little detail that should be a consequence of champion- and courtship, the crown on a who' lodda succesful teamwork is cheap and disastrously short circuntree cut short and down.

A stark example at the top of your very own page right now!!!! A female body in the middle of . .. what? nothing, a stark glary waste white frigidity (to make her stand out or to cut her out and into the gaze as her last and only recourse . . .so she better behave and be properly seductive?????

Where are the pictures of women having fun and looking like they are embedded and comfortably ensconced in as well as own their surroundings as far as the eye reaches?

Where are the little queens of the communesteads able to pronounce on matters of public space and politics from a provably independent vantage point?????

Where is the mystery no mansland to cross from one such a settlement to the next? What local charm and beauty can we expect from ladies allowed to become 'le puissant riche' if they are screened for individualism by the same judges that make autonomy a dirty word?

ps: box = doos and indeed the 'domme doos' is a euphemism for dumb broad.

Visualizing objects of worship schlepped into the picture spanning a miracle mile, submitted by valiant gallants nestling in it, the more the merryer and more gracefully accepted by the matriarch is an act of visualization or remembrance I can't decide which and i don't think it matters but matriarchy does even it became a victim of it own success(ions).

via the linklist: yup, that's me alright, helpful links go to the authors and to a page with cleansing links, also features jungian quiz, IQ test, mind excercises and lots more (very expensive blue (fancy as hell but not all the links are go yet - started up only last month)


# piet Says:
December 9th, 2005 at 10:38 am --- I nominate this who’ who’ who’! hohoho! holy day season: suivez the green arrow => after 31 they seem to go colourful and brought me many a chuckle already
# piet Says:
December 9th, 2005 at 10:52 am

37 quick loading (pagan) frames in total, written in 1995 and other stories include: ‘rush limbaugh eats everything’ – I guess that means he is an omnivoracist or sumphin, must have been written at a time he was real fat .. . .in page 14 he slaughters a spotted owl. .. .no chuckles this time.. ..

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some more Rowan Berkeley quotes

andy8 = xymph's moniker I gather:

"As Bush comes under still more pressure from his regime's flaws, the american/global ruling class will be tempted to re-vitalize the frenzy christian antimosaism in order to gain popular support for cutting the ties with Israel and getting more sympaty from the peoples around the world's last oil wells."

-- aha, anemone, now you're cookin with gas. I have been saying this for yonks. As Wayne Madsen reported yesterday, the US DoJ is being rearranged to insulate the White House from the neocons. All that has to happen now is for the word to go out from the Council for National Policy that the resistance of zionism to christian evangelisation (e.g., the Israeli law preventing the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem from proselytising) is responsible for the divergence between zionist and american foreign policy (e.g. the israeli arms industry working for china, venezuela, etc. against state dept wishes) and bang, Juden Raus.
Rowan Berkeley | 10.23.05 - 2:46 am | #

you think it'll go like that rowen, I think the jewish israeli sympathisers, are too deeply embedded in the united states government to let anything happen to relations with israel.
ian | 10.23.05 - 3:55 am | #

Ian, it sure seems like that if you let the MSM paint the picture, especially the NYT. However, not even the NYT can deny that for the 'Christian Zionists', Zionism is merely a means to an end : its purpose is to provoke the takeover of the Zionist state, and building of the Third Temple where Al Aqsa now stands, by the so-called Anti-Christ. Once this happens, the Christians have no further use for the Zionists except as cannon fodder.
Rowan Berkeley | 10.24.05 - 2:16 pm | #

22 November 2005 --- F*ck The Mentally Disabled And Orphaned And Foreign Kids ...

18 November 2005 -- Now Another American Nightmare Looms; Chemical Experiments On Children ... 37th comment: piet said...

typical, the alef list pulls up their collective nose pretty much unanymously for the likes of Israel Shamir, along comes some stuff supporting his arguments, check this thread called 'ringworms of the mind'

11:17 PM
23rd of november: Of course this is the last and blatant lie possible at the end of a crime, a perfectly diametrical denial of reality and sequence; first you use all sorts of hyped expensive stuff, then you pay with rising deformation rates, turn this right side up again and you'll see truth can be held, saved and received instead of spilled into the digital sewers to induce hopelessness, despair and longing for the apocalyps even.

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another sample of the left's blindspot

another indymain newswire item purporting to speak for the ban-lieueurs, palestine and everybody else in thrall to the clumpiness of bigger monies.

A World Infernoa From paris to Baghdad to Shanghai to Rio...
Marcel 13 Nov 2005 21:43 GMT ttp:// MOUVEMENT DE L'IMMIGRATION ET DES BANLIEUES (a uninteractive tiny website)

"escalate the violence"? ---- I go: why not voluntarize it? Sad and telling that the thing the left noticed most about the right (an aspect that disturbs them enough to keep harping on it, righteously associating 'the right' with holocaustics in perpetuity) is exactly the stuff they're all too willing to indulge in themselves (who's gonna trust them to not go for the industrial strength versions (rather than the cheap and lazy ass match and molotov) once/if/when they do succeed in directing the sorry show governance has become ever since the difference in fast low trust very hard money (dangerous from beginning to end; mining to stored in/as big backer hoard) and the soft, lightfooted, consensus based, elegantly fluttering, artful and contract kind.

You all lefties just don't know your history. Try Peter Myers if you want to understand why left and right are mirror images of each other, polarized postions robbed of all but fitfull dynamics.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The type of leftism worse than religious delirium
More on French Riots, from MIB (Mouvement de l’immigration et des banlieues)
MIB 12 Nov 2005 22:00 GMT --
"It is all too easy to give a lesson in civics and to point
the finger at the 'scum' or the 'savages', thus throwing them to
populist vindictiveness. And this strategy is all too profitable."

I go: ooaahhh, indhe a good liddulleftissss??

first of all, mass media manipulated public opinion is not populism.

you call a mix of calls for justice and mercy (as ever since populism is balance once you tally the flavors all up and set them off against each other; just like all race gender and class divisions run a gamut) 'vindictive'?

Whaddo you call poisoning the air all the way to hollland for cries ache?
yeah!!! I smelled your fucked up riot and felt quite oppressed by the violent non-greenness of it all as far away as that. I'd like to hear about all the wonderful yet obstructed initiatives to autonomize and keep 'ban-lieueurs' busy learning something (going out on organic farms as wwoofers and all that*) before I believe they anything drastic was necessary and the fact they had to use fire tells me they are all spoiled lazy bastards cause fire is the poor man's substitute for power.

* Go get some saudi money, restore the fertility around and repopulate the southern french (or even better, algerian) derelict and abandoned villages; go ask Ghaddafi, he's wanting to look good, lead africa, and all that jazz.

So the bottom line is that, indeed, the US left does
not have much to say lately. The more conventional
liberals simply chase after the shadows of the past,
while the more "radical" crowd is really a bunch of
enfants terribles seeking fun and excitement by
pissing off their parents, teachers, and other
authority figures. They all kvetch about the right
and its policies, but offer no credible alternative to
the vision of the right - which while poisonous and
detrimental in the long run, at least sound appealing
to the "medial voter."


All of this is true, as far as it goes.

That is, what you describe is undeniable but is not a
comprehensive overview of the situation.

I suggest you pay as little attention as possible to
those you call "conventional liberals" who, indeed,
have less and less of relevance to say regarding our
current troubles (these are the sorts of people, for
Ares' sake, who insisted that 'Bush stumbled but
something had to be done' about Saddam, as if their
fantasies of a
straight-out-of-a-Hollywood-pitch-meeting nuclear
armed Arab madman were terrifyingly true).

Also, the "more radical crowd", (by which you mean, I
guess, those who talk about 'smashing the state'
without having a real world plan for how this might be
accomplished or what comes after the smashing is done)
should be similarly ignored.

The more time you spend in feverish contemplation of
useless words -- for example, nearly the entire post
9/11 output of Hitchens -- the more you spin, like a
dervish, in a self-perpetuating spiral of abyss

There are serious people pursuing serious analysis and
action without resorting to nostalgia or fantasy
which, I suppose, are really pretty much the same

I've decided to seek these people out, acquaint myself
with their works and words and spend as little time as
possible complaining about how awful things are.

Regarding hopelessness...

Zizek, during his appearance on Doug's radio show a
few years back, stated that it was necessary to know
the full extent of your helplessness and lack of ideas
-- to stare this reality squarely in the eyes --
before you could hope to progress.

He went on to say that the West's increasingly broken
social contracts ('behave and most, or at least many,
of you will prosper and enjoy relative freedom from
coercion') will lead to a general crisis that will
produce alternatives -- not all of which will be

Right now, in corners you're not watching, new things
are happening. Some of these new things are
incubating in places you don't care to look such as
components of pop and techno culture.

Others are still very young and need to mature.

The trick is to talk less and listen more for these
faint signals.

.d. radical multimedia site

from paris, they know their music there as this page proves:
Varttina (meaning spindle) has its origins in 1983, as the project of singers and kantele players Sari and Mari Kaasinen. The original Varttina line-up (15 young girls singing and playing kantele...

Monday, November 14, 2005

good anthropoly blog

For Melanesianists 1988 was also a very good year, since we had the two gender books: Gender of the Gift by Marilyn Strathern and What Gifts Engender by Rena Lederman. Both of these books were trying to come to terms with the problems with studying social organization that had plagued Melanesianists for two decades. Briefly, African lineage models didn’t work in the New Guinea Highlands. But then again, by 1988 it was clear they also didn’t fit in Africa (see Kupers 1982 article on Lineage Theory in Annual Reviews of Anthropology). Their focus, along with Roy Wagner (in his less, shall we say, Cosmic Modality) on how how groups are constituted in the act of exchange proved to have all sorts of dividends. Although Partial Connections is maddening to read, it did play a part in the renaissance of kinship studies as “relatedness” that I associate with Janet Carsten (the best place to start is probably Cultures of Relatedness rather than After Kinship). Merlan and Rumsey’s Ku Waru has been particularly important to me as a synthesis of work on social organization in Papua New Guinea that combines Sahlins’s work on structure with this Melanesianist. It also combines one more thing—an interest in language.