Thursday, August 19, 2004

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pay special atttention to the last bit of information, it stems from here:

the hyperstition( link that goes with a recent entry starting thus: "Well, all that is like a perfect inversion and perfidious perversion of what I try to teach regarding dusts."

bryndle, great band sure enough, Wijnants can be found chatting about the weather along with every other thing under the sun, in this case a Climate related docu by Fox (always trying to take on the big boys that brave 'burst' - 'brave borst' means decent fella, lawabiding citizen in dutch) new siting (I am sure they 'll be coming fast and furious from now on and that's good considering we need to counterweigh in on themes the fiction factioner onslought is trying to drown us in with their poshly phrased fabulistrionics)
he cites big slab of potter exegesis and then goes: "The emphasis is mine. I think the structure being outlined here--the construction of magic, what constitutes magic, its rules and bywords from within the projection of the cultural insider--is an interesting one. What Wijnants doesn't get into in this essay is how there is a communication between the contents of this projection and those who would later seek out historical models for the practice of an occult discipline.
Anyway, the rest of the article is stunning.
See also Hyperstition. And key23. Though these are admittedly, very different in tone. Maybe I'm just collaging them together. "

I go:

hi there, I just lucked (?) across the assorted folk you last mention above yesterday and thought the same thing, what would happen if Wijnants showed at hyperstition?
Here's some comment I just came up with:
soon to appear here: recent mention of Wijnants at Ian Alex Blease's forum (a hallofmaatists place), someone, 'not eric' defends the same’s right to bring up subjects (in the exact same style of sentence construction mistake making), even repeatedly (as if anybody could help repeating themselves).

Was this written around my own attempt to tone down what I thought was a too harsh and similar sort of attack at hallofmaat only to turn around and expose his wife's rules? That could well evoke feelings such as these:

"At one point the ma'at board even claim to know what the private home of "wynants" would look like and made remarks still there how much money consequently 'Eric' would have stlen from people, something that two complete invented suggestion (and shure you won't see Kat EVER such a things remove from ma'at if its only to attack "wynants". Most recently the same was even done now hurling unjust accusations of being a criminal, which is completely untrue (there are NO copyright infringements on the websites that are the constant target with the above insinuations."

funny how those who praise anonymity and imply it is no more than a guard (rather than an art and a very special one at that), a suitably respectable yet common sense cloak for those with high profiles (in itself severely class rift riddled already) (rather than the natural place of that MIXTURE and most personable of impersonality principles; note to newcomer: check my thoughts on cernunnos) don't have a clue about (what inevitably gets decided upon by exactly those who have pieced together enough info to realize) the unbreakable span, stretch and chain of beings it takes to form one single singular enough ID to allow sustained arousal of reasonable accountability (hello) expectation(, allow me introduce) to meet some equally real capacity (thereto). Sure, such a state of affairs means/implies a world turned right side up (no, not the pole jump but mental conceit realignment (keep the (E)moti(oni)ng body still and let the worms of intelligence crawl where they will, should be simple enough for most delicateseekers), in such a way that, exactly what effect/appearance of actions ensues (amorph, polyperv and trans but most of all presexual and primordial: too long dry and dark meets too long and uselessly wet without it) .

Seems to me Rock itself is in an epic transaeonic struggle to become willingly open and up front about it (??time consumption) all the way. Seeker starts a thread there called 'in honour of a brave person' --- similar things are said by Warwick L Nixon: "Your cowardly anonimity , is at odds with the purely personal level of your postings. (piet: which neverteless claim the opossite compounding the mirroratio calculus) You can threaten me all you like." - Seeker claims to be Narumol S., female age 29.

hey, I'm noticing google is taking a few design hints from me in return for being the only company in the world to regularly send searchers by my site, to with, coming up with suprising colour changes from one post to the next in threads, at least it does at (which could use an 'expand thread function' some folk I enjoyed reading remarked on Massey favorably but I can't remember who anymore .. . Lovecraft's stories had a profound influence on the emerging field of alternative history. Read an excerpt from the story that canonized the Cthulhu Mythos. by H. P. Lovecraft from "Call of Cthulhu" (1926)

Amy Goodman speaks with Vanunu on the phone (indymain wire)

On El Sadr mentioning american casualties in the summary -- I go:
SCREAM!! a ratio of 1:15 worth of supremacism in action

google finds nothing when asking for "total number of iraqi war casualties", nor anything for "numbers of iraqi war casualties" "total numbers of iraqi war casualties" same result with victim substituted for casualties.

"number of iraqi war casualties" . .. here's all 10 (3 of them doubles so really only 7) of those found:

Despite US denials, cluster bombs continue to claim lives in Iraq... While the US military refuses to disclose, or even count, the number of Iraqi war casualties, cluster bombs have undoubtedly been responsible for the deaths of ... - 19k -

[PDF] Pre-Modern, Modern and Post-Modern Famine in IraqFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat ... direct result of war There is little proper documentation partly because both parties to the conflict have reasons to conceal the number of Iraqi war casualties ... - Similar pages

Hank Roth: Collateral Pain and Suffering -- (the coincidental ...... While the US military refuses to disclose, or even count, the number of Iraqi war casualties, cluster bombs have undoubtedly been responsible for the deaths of ... - 28k -

PeaceUK and Iraq Body Count Archives - Despite US denials, cluster ...... While the US military refuses to disclose, or even count, the number of Iraqi warcasualties, cluster bombs have undoubtedly been responsible for the deaths of ... print/ - 11k -

Alternative News Network, Cairns, tropical north Queensland ...... While the US military refuses to disclose, or even count, the number of Iraqi warcasualties, cluster bombs have undoubtedly been responsible for the deaths of ... - 45k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

murderous and hypocritical leftist silence on rwanda. MOORE IS AN ...... (ladies and gentlemen, moore who professes to care so much about dead americansoldiers and limited number of iraqi war casualties--nothing compared to death ... hypocritical_leftist_silence_on_rwanda__MOORE_IS_AN_STINKHOL... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

*** Despite US denials, cluster bombs continue to claim lives in ...... While the US military refuses to disclose, or even count, the number of Iraqi warcasualties, cluster bombs have undoubtedly been responsible for the deaths of ... - 43k -

885 citations for "iraqi war victims"
0 citations for "total number of deaths in Iraq"

KOSOVO PEACE BUS... The World Health Organization estimated the total number of deaths in Iraq, 1991-1999,is about one and a half million people above and beyond the normal ... - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

Winds of Change.NET: Military Misperception... I find it interesting that you point out the total number of deaths inIraq among our troops and compare it to murders among Californians. ... - 43k - (post script (june 05): I've meanwhile gotten to know these guys as THE most dangerously (cause legally) bipolar; on the one hand they speak of arabs like they were some kind of insect pest and though I might go along with their diagnosis a ways, their solution is genocidal, premeditated, in cold blood AND out in the open for all to see!!!!! .. .. . yet on the other hand there news is about as profuse when it comes to reporting on alternative energy development (by the looks of it, perhaps they purposely choose losers to justify oilwars who knows .. . without minutely examining these things and I haven't yet)

New Quaker Notebook weblog at MSNBC today reprinted a death table from London's Reuters news service listing thetotal number of deaths in Iraq since the beginning of fighting, as of today. ... - 20k -
United States 609 (500)
Britain 20 (12)
Other nations 50 (50)
United States 218 (189)
Britain 38 (13)
Other nations 7 (7)

MILITARY 4,895 to 6,370
[think-tank estimates]
CIVILIANS Between 9,436 and 11,317

Pocono Record Online: Letters to the Editor... The total number of deaths in Iraq on any given day is easily equaled by the murderscommitted here in the United States, and we in the United States are not ... - 38k - Cached - Similar pages
PakTribune Forum -> jihaad e chechniya... but Saddam killed on estimate 290, 000+ Iraqis in 23 years. Hey man isn't thatthe total number of deaths in Iraq for that period when Saddam ruled. ... index.php?showtopic=1806&st=15 - 51k - Forums: Thread "UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU...DEAD!!"... A significant point is that the death toll for Gulf War I is still increasing evennow. Do you think that 540 or so is the total number of deaths in Iraq? ... - 28k - Supplemental Result - 343... They are reporting the total number of deaths in Iraq, which they starteddoing 3 months ago when several newspapers changed their policies. ... - 54k - Cached - Similar pages
In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 7 already displayed.If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

Searched the web for "iraqi war casualties". Results 1 - 10 of about 853. fine machine work but I'm willing to wager that most of the citations are embedded in complaints about clarity and numbers not forthcoming and the majority of the rest will talk about americans in the, which one again? oh yea, iraqi war

just for completeness sake: a site with the iraq body count(er).
317,000 hits for iraq body count146,000 hits for iraqi body count136.000 hits for iraqi body counter326,000 hits for iraq body counter
I don't believe in equality of races, professions, times, or anything much else
but the further from home the lower the exchange rate gets unless it has curiosity
value and a massive invasion certainly does not.

------ this is on kaballah and platonic solids --- >>What's the point/objective? ---- you probably overlooked that due to my harsh (but in my opinion and from the perspective offered justified) criticism--------You could post a clear and brief introduction together with the link to the pdf. Write what it concerns, why it is important/interesting and if you see any concrete relation to current torahcosmos research, write that up, too.

now. let me not forget, I am poeticpete, I run and call myself an indyblog idealogue idialogue idio(t)logue there top of the line in sightfriendliness with
complete occulture linklist followss the same high
presentation standard (light on dark grey) and adds a line of comment to his linklist
here's where I end up via the 6th and last of
==> ==> all white but allows squeezing text till it fills a thus
minimized window
ge a wiki that uses some colour on the
front page (no Wijnants here yet)

Agricultural Mineral Prospectors (519)
833-9827;Fax 833-7515
This man is in the august Acres, USA issue
with a great article about the geology of
igneous rock and one deposit in
particular, that around Spanish River, to
wit, a carbonatite, very similar to
Azomite, one of the oldest natural mineral
fertilizers commercially available.

ps: don't expect me to post here anymore . .. . to much delay etcetera.
Until I luck into more comfort this will be my blog: (ps june 29 2005: lycos withdrew it's hosting support last week)