Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kaminsky exit Myers' list

Kaminski's exit

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 21:41:35 +0800 From: "Max"

Peter, Cheers to John

I thought I was the only one and perhaps not smart enough - My selective mind
has not managed to discover the interest and value either and I feel also that
you over did it...

In older days you brought a variety and you where less anti-Semitic.... There is
no value in Antisemitism and it does not improve our situation.. I over read all
Middle Eastern opinionating...

I also don"t see your concept and purpose... What are you learning out of mails
like those for your book? Whats the title of your book and how do you fit those
mails into it...? Hope you recover soon again...

Reply (Peter M.):

Kaminski, on his departure, called me "a Jewish apologist".

You congratulate him, but, instead, call me "anti-Semitic".

For the record, I reject categorisations of whole groups of people on the basis
of birth. I recently unsubscribed from a list which disparaged blacks as a
group. Yet I don't mind "holocaust denial" in the sense that I think debates
about history should be unfettered.

I have argued that "being a Jew" is a matter of choice - of subjective
identification - and this is something that can change over time. There are
ex-Jews, but simply becoming an atheist, or even a Christian, does not make one
an ex-Jew. There is an atheistic form of Judaism, and Jews in the past have
adopted Christianity outwardly whilst not inwardly.

But I'm not pushing Christianity. What is it, anyway? Since the time the Church
baptised the Vikings as Normans, it's been an adjunct of militarism and

I don't care whether Shamir is a Jew or an ex-Jew, or a bit of both. He's open -
that's the best thing about him. He provides sufficient information about
himself for one to argue all positions about him. A "holocaust agnostic" who
calls Rabbi Abraham Zacuto "a Judaeo-Iberian sage"! How to make out such a man?
People obviously have trouble making me out too. I value Shamir, but we have our

Jews substantially control the intellectual life of the United States, shaping
the thoughts of the populace and the news which reaches them. In Europe, one can
be imprisoned for questioning "holocaust" orthodoxy. Jewish lobbies have been in
the vanguard of the push for wars in the Middle East.

You turn a blind eye to such facts; your email bulletin is innocent of them.
Perhaps if you mentioned them, your readership would fall away.

But I don't care about readership; I don't aim to maximise numbers. All I care
about is quality. I'd rather have only one reader, than bend to pressure.

Don't misunderstand me - I'm not disparaging your email bulletin. The issues
I've seen are quite good; I'm not suggesting you change it, but simply defending
my own.

I don't mind Kaminsky's leaving. Perhaps he'll come back one day. I'm not upset,
I don't feel like calling him names. On the contrary, his reaction showed that
our discussion had touched something very important.


At Tue Jan 22, 08:29:00 AM 2008, Blogger therapeuter said...

what happened to you, man? you seem to have disappeared from the net for a very long time now.

At Fri Jan 25, 04:33:00 AM 2008, Anonymous lllpo said...

what happened to you? why aren't you posting anymore?


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