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Can Cyndi Sheehan prove Ward Churchill wrong?

She certainly matches up to him when it comes to conveying a keenly felt burden of grief, at least to me, except hers is more personal (less burdened with knowledge) but that is why can Americans can take her easier . . .besides, hopefully, ease the task she took on. Bush is a creep and that Americans are so blind to this fact tells you much about what they care to 'Nozi' about/in/for themselves.
Back at the old thread on worldwar four programming:

Pacifism as Pathology: Notes on an American Pseudopraxis --- Ward Churchill ----

" . .. .they offered virtually no physical opposition to the consolidation of the Nazi State. To the contrary, there is strong evidence that orthodox Jewish leaders counseled "social responsibility" as the best antidote to nazism while crucial political formulations such as the zionist Hagana and Mossad el Aliyah Bet actually seem to have attempted to co-opt the nazi agenda for their own purposes, entering into co-operative relations with the SS Jewish Affairs Bureau, and trying to use forced immigration of Jews as (page 33) a pretext for establishing a "Jewish homeland" in Palestine. shows up 64th looking for "SS Jewish"

sd, no, not 'up my sleeve' but certainly plenny relevant stuff sprinkled throughout my site (gliberally I admit); I don't feel called upon to fingertiptapspoonfeed you with it here, so let's see how far your 'love to see it' goes and comes; you might dig (for) it . .. you need not; dig?

ps: perhaps the zionist initiative was parralel to and maybe even the antecedent/innoculant that started the whole sick Nazi epidemic (shem and shaun; cheggen Q); Ward C certainly makes a mistake when he suggest the ghettos came about bycause of the Nazis unless you wanna give them very old roots indeed.

My regular reading schedule just happens to have crossed cited passage yesterday and I must say, the whole book makes more sense than I suspected it would judging from reviews (workingforchange)and polemics (Carol Moore) against it when it came out.

as far as links not working sd, for one I didn't bother to take the google spaces out here (but did for my blog)

for two, I wouldn't stick them up here if I hadn't been able to get there and find them noteworthy somehow.

You wrote: So European Jews were complicit with their own annihilation?

me: Allow me to quote from the Ward Churchill book I posted some more:

" .. . . when states perceive their international power positions eroding, or simply undergoing substantial external threat.125 Invariably, such circumstances entail the identification (i.e., manufacture), targeting, and elimination of some internal entity as the "subversive" element undercutting the "national will" and purpose. At such times the state needs no, indeed can tolerate no hint of, domestic opposition; those who are "tainted" by a history of even the milder forms of "antisocial" behavior can be assured of being selected as the scapegoats required for this fascist sort of consensus building. 126

While the precise form which might be assumed by the scapegoating involved in a consolidation of North American fascism remains unknown, it is clear that the posture of the mass nonviolent movement closely approximates that of the Jews in Germany during the 1930s. The notion that "it can't happen here" is merely a parallel to the Jewish perception that it wouldn't happen there; insistence on inhabiting a comfort zone even while thousands upon thousands of Third World peasants are cremated beneath canisters of American napalm is only a manifestation of "the attitude of going on with business as usual, even in a holocaust."127

Ultimately, as Bettelheim observed, it is the dynamic of attempting to restrict opposition to state terror to symbolic and nonviolent responses which gives the state "the idea that [its victims can] be gotten to the point where they [will] walk into the gas chambers on their own."128
And, as the Jewish experience has shown for anyone who cares to look the matter in the face, the very inertia of pacifist principles* prevents any effective conversion to armed self-defense once adherents are targeted for systematic elimination by the state. " --- page 76 from Pacifism as Pathology

You again:They started it? It was all part of a cunning plan which would obviously end with the creation of the state of Israel?

Well I'm so glad that's all cleared up. Thanks Piet.

All catalytically triggered processes are/have effects which diverge greatly from the state, substance and intent of the proverbially unmoved movers who are usually a minuscule portion of and minutely diverging version from some huge mass (zionism and messianism vs jewishness is as terrorism vs islam??); to generalize about this like you do is incorrect (no matter how much it may be considered wise by affirmative activists or otherwise politically motivated equality idealists).

Some of these effects may be calculated to rebound catalytically, thus a sort of reciprocal feed and further for substance, quantity and intent/intensity of initiating catalyst starts aforementioned effects to enter vicious circle with latter results at such speed and to such an extent that the whole ball of cheggen wax loses (in)sight of beginning and end until the fuel is spent.

Ward writes: " .. .inertia of pacifist principles .. ." -- I am going to argue that his stubborn refusal to as wax eloquent about the potential of those principles, not to mention their application, no matter how ever farther apart and fewer between they seem to be getting all the while, as he is (only too) willing to go on (and on) about the drawbacks (without mentioning that his line of reasoning implies total and utterly unreasonable hegemony that will only wither from being fought to exhaustion ((the terrorist meme))) proves him to (probably willy nilly) be an agent of the right and that's the main reason they have trumpeted his alledged subversion so clear, loud, far and widely.

His is in fact, alas, the more realist reprentation of reality on the ground. It is however never ever time for a last stand or desperate last resort measures unless you rule out the realm of possibilities (the true motor of all the ongoing fresh beginnings from the humblest speck of dust on up and beginning with squatting more than anything, ideally followed up speedily by 'ingratiatory embeddiment' in the neighbourhood, success in the local legislature; legalization and graduating to the sort of support and nurture than works little miracles like the one I started my examples out with, my favorite; the oldest and only way for heaven to take root on planets). Modeling is all the rage in this day and age; nothing happens any more without model making, rehearsing and simulation. In as far as Ward interprets and represents the left accurately (forgetting what he leaves out for a minute) he shows and relentlessly, mercilessly emphasizes and mirrors their weakness, gives voice to the obsession with sordid sides and facets of reality besides the disinclination and near complete inaptitude of presenting a jocularly infectious form of 'voorpret' (anticipatory pleasure). BUT that does make it all the more urgent to emphasize there isn't enough 'don't just count, take a chance with y our blessings' type of creativity about in the only way that counts, offer a sample to which nothing comes close. Utopian forces, unite.

Ward is a nice change from the usual 'open spaces for potential to sprout up and blossom blahblah blah' type rhetoric but to fall short of 'm is as bad as overshooting your goals. I am still convinced that unless you dramatize the 'right idea', nobody will follow up and actually begin alternatives, let alone work on a chance to change and outgrow all the bad stuff. I fancied animating a few little epic and organic videos in the eighties, nobody has taken me up on that yet. The folks that got a giant grant that could go some way toward it aren't up to it (yet):

To the extent govts disallow establishment of non-profit oriented squats, let alone the swift legalization thereof (rather than the current practice of ceding right of way to swifter kinds of money to displace them) people like Churchill become more believable, relevant and correct. A completely avoidable pity.Northanger links to an Indian tribe starting back up from scratch around this time.

9 Sample pages from Leah Kelly's last book: -- She was Ward's wife who had an in the end terminal abuse related alcohol demons in her soul; his description of his struggle with them is gripping and heartrending:

Dark Night Press / Print: Residential Schools » ...Written by Ward Churchill, published 11/1/2001 // ... express theprofundity of the sorrow I’ve incurred in the destruction of Leah Kelly… ...- 167k


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