Wednesday, November 16, 2005

another sample of the left's blindspot

another indymain newswire item purporting to speak for the ban-lieueurs, palestine and everybody else in thrall to the clumpiness of bigger monies.

A World Infernoa From paris to Baghdad to Shanghai to Rio...
Marcel 13 Nov 2005 21:43 GMT ttp:// MOUVEMENT DE L'IMMIGRATION ET DES BANLIEUES (a uninteractive tiny website)

"escalate the violence"? ---- I go: why not voluntarize it? Sad and telling that the thing the left noticed most about the right (an aspect that disturbs them enough to keep harping on it, righteously associating 'the right' with holocaustics in perpetuity) is exactly the stuff they're all too willing to indulge in themselves (who's gonna trust them to not go for the industrial strength versions (rather than the cheap and lazy ass match and molotov) once/if/when they do succeed in directing the sorry show governance has become ever since the difference in fast low trust very hard money (dangerous from beginning to end; mining to stored in/as big backer hoard) and the soft, lightfooted, consensus based, elegantly fluttering, artful and contract kind.

You all lefties just don't know your history. Try Peter Myers if you want to understand why left and right are mirror images of each other, polarized postions robbed of all but fitfull dynamics.


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