Friday, December 02, 2005

some more Rowan Berkeley quotes

andy8 = xymph's moniker I gather:

"As Bush comes under still more pressure from his regime's flaws, the american/global ruling class will be tempted to re-vitalize the frenzy christian antimosaism in order to gain popular support for cutting the ties with Israel and getting more sympaty from the peoples around the world's last oil wells."

-- aha, anemone, now you're cookin with gas. I have been saying this for yonks. As Wayne Madsen reported yesterday, the US DoJ is being rearranged to insulate the White House from the neocons. All that has to happen now is for the word to go out from the Council for National Policy that the resistance of zionism to christian evangelisation (e.g., the Israeli law preventing the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem from proselytising) is responsible for the divergence between zionist and american foreign policy (e.g. the israeli arms industry working for china, venezuela, etc. against state dept wishes) and bang, Juden Raus.
Rowan Berkeley | 10.23.05 - 2:46 am | #

you think it'll go like that rowen, I think the jewish israeli sympathisers, are too deeply embedded in the united states government to let anything happen to relations with israel.
ian | 10.23.05 - 3:55 am | #

Ian, it sure seems like that if you let the MSM paint the picture, especially the NYT. However, not even the NYT can deny that for the 'Christian Zionists', Zionism is merely a means to an end : its purpose is to provoke the takeover of the Zionist state, and building of the Third Temple where Al Aqsa now stands, by the so-called Anti-Christ. Once this happens, the Christians have no further use for the Zionists except as cannon fodder.
Rowan Berkeley | 10.24.05 - 2:16 pm | #

22 November 2005 --- F*ck The Mentally Disabled And Orphaned And Foreign Kids ...

18 November 2005 -- Now Another American Nightmare Looms; Chemical Experiments On Children ... 37th comment: piet said...

typical, the alef list pulls up their collective nose pretty much unanymously for the likes of Israel Shamir, along comes some stuff supporting his arguments, check this thread called 'ringworms of the mind'

11:17 PM
23rd of november: Of course this is the last and blatant lie possible at the end of a crime, a perfectly diametrical denial of reality and sequence; first you use all sorts of hyped expensive stuff, then you pay with rising deformation rates, turn this right side up again and you'll see truth can be held, saved and received instead of spilled into the digital sewers to induce hopelessness, despair and longing for the apocalyps even.


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