Wednesday, August 24, 2005

monies, mystics and marksmen
This post concerns Pat Robertson's Fatwah over Chavez
A commenter there brings up the Protocol canard;

I go: look, 'jews' are the more ventursome part of the semitic family, 'one' of the wishyest washyest of races bycause pretty much most of those that went 'stellar'
(massive((ly numerous))) are rather mongrelized at the edges (if not the very core; which certainly seems to facilitate the clean consciousness, different drum, terra nullius types). Unrestrained pride regarding the 'guarantees'* for demographic prowess '(be)gets that (way) more than most.

The premises of a-S are non-valid cause 'jews' don't 'plan' stuff so much as they simple and implicitly make selfexamination on certain levels taboo. They 'are'** pretty damn unreflective and spontaneous, not to say impulsive or even reactionary type folk
(they have a nose for . . . springboards that help set themselves apart the furthest, roam the widest, cover the most, etcetera. It comes with the ((pursuit of)) territory).

The present retreat
(ingathering) is laudable and deserves all the help it can get and that's why I try perfect penning my pieces again and again, that is to say compose them with such hopelessly complex density that it becomes a true mirror for what happens in the 'holey' (hold out, hollowed) and surrounding lands.

Yall 'jews' have nothing to feel guilty about, ya should be welcome everywhere; the arabs in holland france and everywhere will welcome you
(who are happy to relieve demographic pressures in fundamentalism's breeding grounds, both sides of that infamous 'line' by the way; see the Pynchon scholarship that ends with these lines: "Pynchon has used language to project a world where everyone talks to God, and to each other. Perhaps it's not too much to hope that in our own world, some closr listening to the fabulists and counterfeiters, Ballad-Mongers and Cranks, whose inclusive motto might well be omnia in verba, would foster more healthy skepticism toward Lines, and less toward whatever lies on either side of them." - - 57k; don't try to share an already way too long and way too hotly contested chunk of land with your own but share the world with everybody else!).

------All bright prospects cast a shadow, one kind in particular remains all the more shadowy cause they, deserts, creep without casting them in your face enough to be alarmed (unless you are fortunate enough to be inclined and have the means to sharpen your wits on those subtleties - most americans remained oblivious of the century long holocaust at their expanding periphery); I think zionism's ideas of regreening the deserts are great and it's time we help them match their ecological footprint* to their impact and not get side tracked into .. .well .. we all know the horror stories .. .

------down with semitilitary patrism and slily secretive pahchutz; stop the motor of antropocentric desertification; permacultivate! pleach! down with holy books, up with live leaves!

------My grandmother was one of the most beautiful half assimilated dutch jewesses you'll ever see; I love them sorts of people but am not part of them so much as to lose all ability to be critical of this input for and part of my geneticocultural baggage.

'are'**1: Replace 'are' with 'tend to gravitate to', 'are inclined to' or any number of such tone downs, fact remains that ethnicities have undeniable and differently weighted characteristics and cultural traits some of which are even unique and unshared if not unsharable. The more common ones work both ways
(when you're a major league player you get granted a game with the champs and met halfway).

--------You want hi returns without scruple or shame, no troubled consciousness, no blame? We've got just the right investment opp here for you: the arms industry!!!! -- You all wanna call in the American full employment miracle? Be my guest and the earth's until we blow you off our backs in unison. I'm prepared to take her lead while she still has any of the good humoured stuff left, are you?

'are'**2: When it comes to searching for transgenerational and collective motives (semites seem to prefer getting lost in those, that is, be well buffered with brood as a tangible measure and confirmation of their success and earned privileges), extent and flavor of collaboration, etcetera semites are reflexive rather than reflective; Freud helped obscure this field of enquiry by placing emphasis on individual aspects at the expense of them. Once you declare the scary depths off-limits, too powerful to probe without backlash, hold them at armslenght for awhile, they will grow, fuse and fill all space with all that is too holy and unspeakable, nonpronouncable and what have you. Meanwhile, your very own worst characteristics will hide, find refuge and do (from) business there, etcetera.

------------------You may be aware that some people lately saw fit to declare Marx most important philosopher. It might repay our efforts to flesh out what he merely said too cryptically and abbreviatedly to sink in (or else all this tiresome confusion would be gone by now), namely that, and I paraphrase: in as far as we deal with money we are all capitalists and jews now. He omitted the vital specifications that would help differentiate between facilitatory and parasitic types of social traffic lubing money. The centralized sort that has even just about managed to do away with the distinction between state and open market money
(feminine types geared to the satisfaction of immediate and intimate needs, non-profit and local vs the fast boy high risk stuff that have in the past managed to keep each other honest as long as there is some naturally incremental standard that keeps pace, I would suggest using ((regional)) photosynthesis rates and diversities figured into basic indexed commodity baskets* ((voluntariness not to mention volutarization factored in)) for that soon).


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