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miscellaneous surfage (34 link post) weirdass but comic cult beatiful page on New Orleans musician activist In Defense of Ward Churchill: A Legacy of Scapegoat-Ism Youth Commentary, H. Mathew Barkhausen III, Pacific News Service, Mar 02, 2005 Spectacular Mammatus Clouds over Hastings, Nebraska -- These photos were taken by Jorn Olsen, .. .. . pouch clouds - awesome!!!!

This whole sight has just my taste in scenery, Nebraska is beautiful.

Northanger found the link here: more here .. .

my favorite set for the year 2005: An exclusive Folk Alley recording of the Dust Poets! (Kent State folk fest)
excerpt: Fat Old Jewish Guy Who Lives In The Projects said... I'm going to post an excellent item by Paul Eisen about this whole "Holocaust thing."
Sue Blackwell said... Eugene please do not give space on your excellent blog to Holocaust revisionists like Paul Eisen and his soulmate Israel Shamir. They do no favours to the Palestinians, and by suggesting that all Jews are Zionists of one sort or another Eisen is insulting all those Jews who genuinely oppose Zionism - which apparently includes yourself. I have a whole page about these people at: (piet: noted before; Sue threw a bunch of fellow wayfarers off her linklists since 'they condone and understand violence to citizens'. I wonder if she considers placing the Holocaust in perspective a form of denial?). Pictures of 23 year old ISM activist Rachel Corrie -- crushed by an Israeli bulldozer (939 comments) short short item on Shamir -- categorical links here: Uberblogs (lgf as one of four), Where Credit is Jew (a whole jewslew of them) -- Av goes nuts over Alison Weir, an advisory board member and keeps ranting which takes up the bulk of 56 comments in a mere 24 hours - - - Iby is making rather heavy weather of the well known Ha'avara Agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists - since he obviously couldn't bring himself to read Lenni Brenner, he might try reading Francis Nicosia or Edwin Black on the same subject.
Rowan Berkeley 12.10.05 - 8:56 pm #

then he goes on claiming hasbara manuels are written by Nazis and Rowan posts this in reply: (WSJ division):
The Cynthia McKinney Fan Club by JAMES TARANTO
A few weeks back, the Indepundit blog carried a very amusing send-up of's "We Believe Cynthia" campaign, which backs Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who charged President Bush with having had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks. "I have decided to focus my energies on supporting this noble effort," Indepundit wrote, and proceeded to catalogue McKinney's various outrageous statements since the war began.

Not to be outdone, an Israeli journalist named Israel Shamir has penned an "Ode to Cynthia."
Here's a sample:
This woman with a name from the love lyrics of Propertius, the delicate Greek poet, who called! himself "a pale knight in thrall of my angry Cynthia," is an all-American figure, brought forth by the spirit of America. The great country does not want to die. In such moments, the land calls for its sons and daughters to step forward to the line of fire. Cynthia heard the call. Support of Cynthia is the ultimate test of love to America, of belief in America's future in the family of nations, as an equal and friendly nation, not as an enforcer for creed of Greed.

It is paramount to rally around her, as the French nobles rallied to Jeanne d'Arc. Whether you are a descendant of African slaves or Muslim immigrants, a son of Confederacy or a Daughter of American Revolution, a freedom-loving Jew or a born-again Christian--it is the time to unite for Cynthia and for America.

This is so over the top that no one could possibly take it seriously. Oops, scratch that--the editors of the Arab News apparently did, running the piece with no evident irony. found with "broad and narrow" on images, a commercial and faded version with a story of how it was found in Holland and a different version by Peter N Millward wherein jesus is promoted in South american fashion from the humble place by the side of a brook in the first leg of the gloryjourney to no less than 2 central appearances, the lower one all bloody on the cross, a higher one showing him radiant in white garments to camouflage his cloudy position I guess. same deal here, even more faded; possible to suggest rarity and jack up the price .. .? - 'The Broad and Narrow Way' (nineteenth century, second half) chromolithograph by Charles Montague designed by Charlotte Reihlan, painted by Herr Schacher Woodstock artfair spontaneously mum on politics (HfPo-Beinhart-shortish) Animated worldmap of crop-cover since 1700 (QT-short via NatGeo) for once the man opens his mouth on target, taking a much needed break from the wonders of nevernotnetland to look at how the goodwill and credit IT has generated are being squandered; sad thing an accurate picture of 6 short lines is, if not unattainable, certainly far from expoundable by the likes of say, China and the European Community.

Sean Paul of the Agonist has written a short think piece on Iraq policy that I think is much too... kind. The only 'democracy' we'll accept for Iraq is one where we hold all the cards-- we'll call it democracy when they fight us with ballots not bullets, but no matter which they choose, we'll use whatever weapons we have to, to make sure that things come out our way-- not excluding election fraud and assassination.And we'll stay as long as there's oil that needs protecting-- don't think 2000 dead, think 200,000, over the next 50 years. Don't think $500B, think $500T, because the value of the oil will increase and increase, so we're not going to let anyone take it... no matter who we have to nuke. "Israel Makes the Nazi State Look Very Moderate" 12/14/2005 1:00:00 PM GMT David Duke, an ex-Louisiana State Representative and former leader of the Ku Klux Klan in the U.S. Hearing a lot about the political turmoil that plagues the Middle East region, which the State of Israel plays a central role in, we need to seize the chance and try to stress the great difference between Judaism and Zionism. Carnivale without the story line Murtha shreds W's latest lies (don't miss) (cPunch-aCock via vBoat)

Jihad vs. McSex - 49 comments -- Jorn Barger's intro: reminder that Islam most fears our porn (HfPo-Majd-looong)
12.10.2005 Hooman Majd
Reading Arianna’s post on the conflict she feels about young girls’ sexuality in the modern age (and how it relates to her teenage daughter) made me think about the issue of how our culture of sex relates to the clash between West and East, or more specifically between Western values and Muslim ones. At first it may seem irrelevant to the issue since it’s an American discussion, but if Americans, enlightened... "Actually, the original orgin of the Hustling the Left site was a major controversy involving Larry Flynt discovering progressive politics andattempting to give some support to an antiwar protest group called Not In My Name last year. A news reader/antiporn feminist at KPFK/Pacifica LA Radio named Aura Bogado took real umbrage to that, and launched amongst her Sister antiporn activists a bitter public campaign against Flynt and his mag, citing all the usual cries of racism, misogyny, and even pedophilia (one of Hustler's cartoonists was once charged and convicted of abusing his Daughter though the conviction was dropped on appeal)."

--- wow, after going to hustlingtheleft and seeing the cartoons reproduced on the front page (and seeing what MickeyZ looks like right at the top) I am not suprised such a charge would arise. An imagination THAT lively would raise interest in proving almost never unfounded suspicions that it takes one to know one; I know exactly what that feels like . .. .long live homeopathic dosage I'd say.

Dennis Claxton (well, ... younowho though later that week vividly denied in a post at cites : The California study, "The Impact of Legally Inappropriate Factors on Death Sentencing for California Homicides, 1990-'99," found that 80 percent of executions in California were for killers of whites, though non-Hispanic whites make up just 47 percent of all Californians, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. Those who kill whites are more than four times more likely to be sentenced to death than those who kill Latinos, and over three times more likely to be sentenced to death than those who kill African-Americans.


At Wed Dec 28, 12:26:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant we all just get along?     (946 views)Who do you consider White?     (890 views)A random fact about yourself.     (607 views)Pic thread!     (579 views)Duke Webradio & Stormfront Town Hall May 9th     (511 views)Single Men Post Your Pics For The Ladies     (432 views)California to end automatic racial segregation of inmates (AP)     (419 views)Emir Šišić i 100.000 emigranata iz Italije     (373 views)What do you Think of Book Burning........     (354 views)White Students Refuse to Wear Jew Star Saying "Were Not Jewish"     (343 views)

At Tue Jun 27, 11:15:00 AM 2006, Anonymous DNatureofDTrain said...

Yes, We Heinzists are weird we will not deny that. But no, We do not worship Ketchup or Comics sorry to break it to you. However, we do believe in using a sense of humor to Get through life!

Take Care Peace and Blessings!
- Rev. Dana C. L.


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