Wednesday, June 29, 2005

revisiting a 10 month old post on war casualties

augu 19 2004 ------------------------- june 29th 2005
885 citations for "iraqi war victims" --------------- 4,730
885 citations for "Iraqi war casualties" ------------ 4.740
10* citations for "number of iraqi war casualties" ------ 6
10 citations for "total number of deaths in Iraq" ------ 35
* all of them listed in the 2004/08/ post)

all searches made possible (to any and all computer users) by google ( least, I don't know that google is banned anyplace)

via lbo-talk: A Visual Presentation of Military Deaths In Iraq The overall effect as the animation unfolds (a map of Iraq, overlayed withtime-accumulated point-indicators of where deaths have occurred) is verycompelling.See (flash required): >Conflict is clearly nationwide, as honest observers have long stated. .d. -------------


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