Wednesday, February 02, 2005

break( )through that rock there for me willya?

and be fundamental about it ya hear (dutch word for that is grondig - with soil rather than built structure connotations - that should be enough to decide who to cheer for in the life and death struggle of the world's wealthiest and most extensive lowlands).

Audio in both major formats and plenny more to choose from A Lacanian Plea For Fundamentalism (2000-09-18)Featuring: Slavoj Zizek

Algebras, Geometries, Topologies of Philosophy: Deleuze, Derrida, & Mathematical Knowledge (2002-02-14)Featuring: Arkady Plotnitsky


You could also take a look some more modest plodder on the psyche questing front:
http://originsofautism Here's a few excerpts:

Revered features of the ideal male in a matrifocal society are disparaged by patriarchy. But it is these features, and the characteristics of the individuals that thrive in that kind of world, that is the world of the autistic child.Without constant exposure to the primary features of the matrifocal world, the neurological structure of a child organized physically, mentally, and
emotionally to experience the world in that way will languish. Unceasing interactional music with highly evolved rhythms and constant touch with sophisticated dance are essential to a child inclined toward maturational delay. A diet familiar to the physiology of tens of thousands of years ago is appropriate for the facile functioning of that physical system. Their brains crave highly sophisticated pattern in sound and physical space. Their bodies crave protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, natural oils, roots. How sad and ironic, that a brain created to perceive and appreciate subtle nuances in relationship in space and time, understimulated by a
society relatively devoid of song and dance, and a diet characterized by wheat, dairy and other unfamiliar substances, ends up in relationship with itself only, unable to cross bridges to other human beings.Incidentally, matrifocal social structure females have relatively high testosterone levels (remember, they are more domineering) and so they produce maturationally delayed males and maturationally accelerated females. In a patrifocal social structure the females have lower testosterone levels producing maturationally accelerated males, and delayed females. The timing of the onset of puberty also has dramatic affects upon the ability of autistic children to join the world as we know it. Diet, percentage of body fat, food additives and physical activity are primary variables responsible for pubertal timing. There has been a drop in the age of puberty by three to four years over the last 100 years in urban cultures worldwide caused primarily by changes in diet. These dietary changes signal our bodies that increased fat, carbohydrate, and protein resources are available to sustain an increase in birth rate, accomplished by lowering the age of procreation; a naturally selected response. The fact that puberty comes several years sooner than would have occurred in the matriarchal society from which the autistic child has been severed from reduces childhood by several years giving the autistic child far less time for the brain to grow and develop. When puberty hits brain growth stops. The testosterone surges at early puberty in both sexes halts cerebral development. For the autistic child, this leaves no more time to catch up. Slower maturation plus early puberty in a world with inappropriate environmental stimulus combine to deeply inhibit these children of artistic cultures from entering the modern world. Proper diet will delay puberty and give the autistic child’s brain more time to mature. We hypothesize that responsibility for many autistic syndrome complications over and above expected developmental delays lies with the absence of constant touch, interactive music, rhythm and dance as infants, stimulus required for full functioning in a genotype as told as autism represents, coupled with a deeply inappropriate diet. Phonetic dyslexics; stutterers; many Tourette's sufferers; many homosexuals and lesbians; many gifted athletes, mathematicians, artists, musicians, and composers; many schizophrenics; specific alcoholic types and many obese women are left spectrum, old genotype individuals who can be located along the left end of the maturational arc. We believe that the human species moves through time inside a maturational arc, its character determined by the effects of sexual selection and Lamarckian selection on the rate and timing of maturation, creating the vast skill and talent spread of contemporary culture. The United States is the melting pot. A glorious result of this stew is the blending of formerly unfamiliar genetics into new genetic mixes engendering skills and talents among our children often unattained by a homogeneous people who rarely mix. Usually, these stunning talents are derived from individuals located along the left end of the maturational spectrum. Grace-filled coordination, musical excellence, and intuition for abstract pattern manipulation, and extraordinary dance skills are some of the many gifts associated with the left side. And it is no mistake that many of these people are Americans - mixed ethnic Americans. In America the races blend.Darwin placed a very heavy emphasis on his theory of Natural selection. Primary supportive arguments were derived from his experience as a breeder of pigeons. He noted a specific repeating event that occurred among pigeons and other species that he observed. The progeny of two members of the same species that had been breeding along divergent lines often exhibited features of their last common genetic forbear. Pigeons with no common ancestors for 2000 years, breeding along separate lines in China and West, had chicks exhibiting the wing coloration and patterns of roc pigeons, characteristics that had not appeared in either line for hundreds of years. As barriers keep falling that prevent peoples from different ethnic background from marrying, the children of those marriages often exhibit features of the parents’ last common ancestor. The diaspora from Africa has been estimated to have begun to occur around 50,000 years ago. Marriages of two individuals from ethnic backgrounds last in contact by a portion of that length of time will frequently have children requiring the stimulation and diet common in a matriarchal social structure from that far back in time. These are children blessed with the potential to make the modern world a far richer place to live, but they require special nurturing and a special diet.

OK, you'll be exhausted now so plan/pledge to reenergize
to that purpose
last tip: build wessel di wesseli heir air wave


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