Wednesday, June 09, 2004

some fine additions to one of the oldest and still crazily colourquilted logs around.

post prescript (and prepost script) june 2005: the old faithful log lost faith; that is, lycos did; got taken over by bigger meaner sharks or is pretending to get that way I dunno, they don't let on .. .. so it's off to the archive for a glimpse of glory:

enough already witta blatant self promotion

Let's hear it for Predator who gave his life to indymedia in many more and quite other ways than I did.

'predator' feature at indymain on june 8

On Wednesday, 2 June, three days before he died, he wrote the following (according to this indymain open wire post):

Why are there diseases with cures and without? Why are there situations into which we get ourselves and never extract ourselves completely? I am fearful as I look down the grass hills around Neutral Bay in my mind's eye because I cannot go to these places anymore.

this is the final, scariest part of stuff I will write with or about anything and I find myself resigned, wordless and empty in its face of coming fury. These are the protective measures of a rabbit who you might find staring down your headlights one night. Even a well-informed rabbit. I feel so scared of this stupid pointless, empty death and yet I feel in some ways its just doing its job. It has not singled me out, it's just doing its orders. I am grateful for the chance to think of perhaps that there were cures that may have once awaited me in different food shops, eating choices, or whatever else might have availed me but of which I did not avail myself. I just did not get lucky and take any of these cures at the moment I was of incorrect supervision. the last large file he completed before he died of cancer -- he had a riveting writing style

Oh and by the way the indymain newswire pages work again


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